This soup was rich & creamy thanks to the coconut milk, but not weighed-down or heavy in any way. chickpeas?) I’ve seen these on lots of blogs (many times on yours) and I want to get my hands on one. haha I love that visual! Thanks for the great recipe! I can assure you Ang, that I will be trying this soup! Then stating your misfortune to everyone only supports why your new nickname is stupid ass. I made this for supper last night and everyone in the house came floating into the kitchen on the heavenly smells of roasting tomatoes, garlic and onions. ;) Happy Friday! I’ve recently gone gluten-free too, so I made some socca (chickpea flour bread) to go with it. Yikes! Pinterest. I believe the only other change I made is that I did decide to puree it completely. How has it taken me so long to make this!? Another hit Angela! admin - May 18, 2020. Best Online Recipes, I cant wait to try it, LOVE me my garlic! As for the failed sweet potato soup, I discovered after a few tries that I really don’t like cinnamon added to anything savory, it always makes food taste ‘off’ to me. Other than that, this was a great soup! Came together quickly. I want/need this soup! Thank you for such excellent recipes. EXCELLENT!!! This is an amazing soup. The soup looks great too (duh) but I am so envious of how amazing your photography has gotten! Coming up! I’m SO excited to make this!! I made this soup last night and absolutely loved it! This soup already looks so amazing, but I was thinking that adding lentils might make it more filling? I suppose I can’t complain too much because I don’t handle my taxes. LOL @ Bev scuba diving in the soup! Cozy At Home Spicy Any-Veggie Soup — Oh She Glows. Stir in the seasonings and spices to taste. And the soup looks awesome! I’m trying to use all the tomatoes from my garden before they go bad, so I’m stocking my freezer! 1. Hallelujah! Just shove it whole in the oven, 45 min on 180C/350F, let cool and there you have it :) let cool and peel, ah…. Thanks Angela! Sooo delicious and easy to make. My first thought after trying the broth for this soup was Holy Crap! So, just curious. She loved it. Mar 19, 2020 - Roasted Tomato Garlic and Onion Soup | Oh She Glows #detoxsoup Aug 3, 2017 - Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup With Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons from The Oh She Glows Cookbook - recipe included. Next time I’ll probably use full fat coconut milk to make it even creamier though. I believe this site has ended my search. Vegan Tortilla Soup. The awesomeness started when i was roasting the tom, garlic and onion in the oven and it smelt devine but the best part was eating it. Gah! It has gained a permanent spot in my recipe rotation. My tomatoes are roasting as we speak! Omg! Leopard print. I was a little leary of the coconut milk with tomatoes but I went with it and I am so glad I did! Oh I made this soup today for a party at work and it was such a hit! I am slowly transitioning to a vegan diet, and the depth of flavor and creaminess in this soup was just to die for. You rock! :). I am making it for a dinner party tomorrow evening. I must make this…looks Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious xx. Enjoy! :), Thank you for this amazing recipe–I have it bookmarked on my phone, and it’s my go-to soup recipe! ... along with an Oh She Glows ... Pinterest. Your soup sounds FANTASTIC too! Or more if you like!! Ok, this tastes way better than it looks. It’s full of protein, iron and fiber and it’s super easy to cook. Hello, this soup sounded so scrumptious that I had to make it immediately. But before I got out and buy 5pounds of tomatoes, is that right??? These 31 vegan soup recipes are simple, delicious and so comfortable. I encourage you to do the same because I have a delicious pizza recipe coming up using the pesto. Now I have to wait for next Winter…, I really like sweet potato and chilli soup…but as an alternative, this looks rather good :), Yay for snuggies! I found it through Pinterest and cannot wait to try it. It was amazing. [Can I call myself a Former Black Thumb if I still kill indoor plants? This tomato soup is anything but traditional, boring, or bland and it’s definitely one of the best homemade soups I have made to date. Instead of making another sweet potato soup, I decided to take this lesson and apply it to a roasted tomato and garlic soup. I am going to make this tomorrow! The windows are shut and the heat is on. I thought I was on the wrong site! Also, I’m sure you already have a recipe for this somewhere- but I made a vegan spicy queso yesterday and I think you’d like it. This soup would also make a good cold soup. I had to roast more tomatoes to cut down the flavor of the garam masala and yet I still think it’s too much. Insertion Sort Best Case, Seriously. Delicious soup! I love it so much it hurts my heart. Thanks! I love roasted tomatoes and with the weather getting cooler I am definitely on a soup mission this weekend. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog! Oh She Glows Cookbook Review. I don’t like them in my salads or sandwiches; on pasta or pizza. Angela, I have been reading your posts for well over a year now but have never felt the need to comment. JUST what I needed on a rainy Boston Friday night. Jun 24, 2016 - Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup (Oh She Glows) - made this soup last night and it was delicious! In case you are wondering, the coconut flavour is very subtle in this soup. Made a big batch of this today and canned it. What an amazing recipe. Score :). It put me in my happy place and my carnivorous husband consumed two bowls! And if I had a dog I’d get one for him too! I have yet to try a “roasted” theme soup this fall! Of course, we didn’t have any. A creamy tomato soup that uses soaked cashews instead of animal products. Stir in the bay leaf and the spices … yikes! Enjoy your dinner! OMG it was perfect! admin - May 18, 2020. Roast 2-3 bulbs of garlic only to use 2 tbsp in the recipe? I can’t wait to make it! The tutorial even includes a breakdown of the homemade 10-spice mix. Easily my favorite soup of all time! My boyfriend and I went for Indian food today and we talked about how we wanted to make a new Indian inspired dish. I will eat it in my snuggie!! was a hit. Stuff. Carefully transfer into a blender, processor, or use an immersion blender. I live for a hot bowl of soup on a rainy day, it’s definitely my go-to comfort food. Must have! Special Diet. Looks Amazing! This soup is vegan, gluten free, wheat free, soy and nut free and ideal for Springtime when you crave something hot and steaming but also light and healthy. did I do something wrong? Does anyone know how many calories there are per serving?? Thank you Angela for your inspired recipes that are so jam packed with flavour and nutrition! We also made your croutons to put on top, my 3 year old helped (in between bites of the chunked bread). I’m slightly obsessed with extra chunky soups. Thanks for this recipe, Angela – I’ll definitely be making it again! Have you ever made this soup and frozen it? I knew that this soup was going to be a game changer because the broth was mind blowing. YUM! 1/4-1/2 tsp kosher salt, to taste. Do you think I could blend up some white beans in a blender to make the creamy texture instead of using coconut milk? I need (want?) OMG! Aug 3, 2017 - Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup With Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons from The Oh She Glows Cookbook - recipe included. Sorry that happened to you. Now I have some ready and waiting when I don’t feel like cooking this winter. I want that in meh belleh. So warm and cozy! I am making it right now. Explore. :). As for the seeds, you can use a fine sieve. Love this soup! With that said, I wanted to share a delicious vegan… View Post The coconut is such an interesting addition but it sounds great! I just made this and it turned into chicken tika masala (which I’ve wanted to learn how to make forever). Thank you! I’ve never made one from scratch, but I love the idea of roasting the tomatoes for the soup – I can only imagine the depth of flavour that would bring. I’ve looked online and in my cookbooks but haven’t found anything that screamed to me. Definitely a keeper! The dog snuggie makes me giggle :D He looks like jabba the hut. Mar 8, 2014 - Oh She Glow's Angela Liddon shares her vegan creamy tomato soup and croutons recipe. I bet it will make that soup taste even better than it normally does! Love it! I’m shocked your sweet potato soup didn’t turn out! This soup is INCREDIBLE, it embodies everything I love about your recipes and vegan cooking in general. yay, glad you enjoyed it! I told her surely we can find a good, vegan, creamy tomato soup – and this is it! Who’s a fan of the incredibly talented food blogger, Angela Liddon? I liked it so much I made a second batch, sent some home with a friend then e-mailed a link to your recipe. I just made this! 1. Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup. This sounds delicious–I love the thought of a chunky soup with roasted tomato, garlic, and onions. In a large saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat. Bookmarking immediately. I guess t. Saved by Angela Liddon. So amazing. Angela,Angela,Angela! My 11 yr-old daughter has been missing the creamy tomato soup she used to eat before we became vegan (which was her idea). Hands down one of the beat soups I’ve ever made! I had one minor problem- I didn’t peel my tomatoes, because it doesn’t appear from the recipe or pictures that you did, but I was not a fan of the tough little skin bits. it is SO rich, and oh! Roasted garlic is so sweet and lovely you can use a heavy hand. Problem solved ;-). I love tomato soup and the idea of adding coconut is just perfect. I was wondering how much tomatoes and garlic would be enough to roast just for the soup? Wow,,,coconut ANYthing and it’s all good. I couldn’t figure out what was better: the smell in the house or the actual soup. I’ll be using this in the future fo sho. Here’s the link for your reference: Plant based and so yummy. Not wishing to waste a cup of vegetable broth I added the entire 1 qt. Stupid ass. It makes an excellent tortilla soup too! Developed by Kwikstert. Hey Kristin, I will be talking about the reasoning for this in my pizza recipe post. All the best, Angela, Hi Angela, just wondering if you think adding some red lentils would be good in the soup? As I thought about what went wrong with the sweet potato soup, I realized it needed a kick of heat. This was our first time branching out with spices (garam masala) and I loved it and husband liked it. Haha sometimes I wish I had a snuggie, then I see picutures like this I know I am better off with a sweater :). Lightly drizzle on EVOO onto onions and season onions and tomatoes with S & P. Roast for about 30 minutes and then check on the vegetables. And I also tried your chilled double chocolate torte for a friend’s dinner : no one would have guessed it was vegan and there was nothing left ! Wait, that didn’t sound right…”leftover indian food” haha. I’ll make a note in the recipe to add to taste :) I’m sure different brands of garam can differ in intensity. I just made this today. This looks fabulous! Can you freeze this soup? It looks so warm and inviting. Poor thing! She loved it. This vegan tomato soup is made from scratch with 2 types of tomatoes, regular and cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Moorhen Or Coot, I can’t get enough pumpkin! :), I have been looking for a fall nail polish color that I love….that one is definitely it. Just made this and it was delicious!!! Oh goodness, this is making me drool. I made this recipe for my mom and me for lunch today and it was amazing. Maybe the cozy Italian-like smell? I think the soup would have been wonderful with a kick of Indian spices so I will have to try that next time. I ate 5 bowls. Would you recommend adding some type of a bean (lentil? So simple and so easy! Hi Rosemary, I’m so glad to hear you like the recipe. I have a TON of beautiful fresh tomatoes to use, and I was planning to make another batch of the pesto (which we adored) but I’m afraid that my neighbor’s gigantic basil plant (which has been keeping me supplied) most likely froze last night. Hello! I’m excited to see how ours will compare! I’m glad you commented here so that I remembered this recipe! Love this soup! For the record, I have a Snuggie and I love it. WOW…. Nice to meet you :) Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Add 3 cups roasted tomatoes, 2 tbsp roasted garlic flesh, and all the onion into a large pot. And I made myself finish it. Winter time is the best season to make easy freezable meals like this 10-spice veggie soup by Oh She Glows. I made this soup last night and it was delicious! lol. Classic Vegan Split Pea Soup. Oh She Glows was one of the very first websites I discovered when I first went vegan almost 4 years ago. Fall is my very favorite season! & I am in need of a new OPI nailpolish. I’ve posted about my attempt at making the soup on my blog, hope that’s okay! so good! Thank you! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! On a cold day, my favorite lunch to make is tomato soup with vegan grilled cheese. 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (280ml) water I’ll definitely be back for more recipes!! 41 Printer-Friendly Version. I love that polish! The soup sort of exploded out of my blender, but other than that it worked perfectly. Oh, and do you think I could remove the seeds?…it was just a little seedy for me But this red lentil and kale soup is INSANELY delicious. You’ve accomplished something that has never happened before–you’ve gotten me excited about the cooler weather :-) Soup it is! Mar 28, 2014 - Woman in Real Life:The Art of the Everyday: The Oh She Glows Cookbook (review and recipe) Explore. Angela! Once again THANX :). Of course, we didn’t have any. This soup is a keeper :D Thank you! Sorry for the typo. I’m making this right now. The windows are shut and the heat is on. I made a smaller batch of this Saturday and I’m eating the leftovers for lunch today. Colour combination gives such warm positive feelings. Like I wish I was in my kitchen right now, but I’m at work, stuck in front of my computer screen, drooling at your soup!! All credit for the recipe goes to Angela Liddon. I have the cheetah print one. I made this last night and all I can say is wow! That is quite possibly one of the most delicious looking soups that I have seen at all recently. :). I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this :). 4. 1. might be best for a more complete “meal in one”? Ooooo, this looks FABULOUS! Yum. I used Mae Ploy which is a 19 oz. I’m not sure as I roasted 5 pounds and had leftovers…I *think* I had about 2 cups roasted tomatoes leftover. For how to prepare the garlic, see this tutorial. ZOMG! Food and Drinks. This morning I had a soup craving and stumbled across your blog while looking for a recipe. Wow that soup looks awesome! The tutorial even includes a breakdown of the homemade 10-spice mix. Twitter. This soup looks EPIC. Thanks so much Angela…love, love, love your recipes! I always find the snuggie commercials to be hilarious, esp because they have one for the dog. This is how I made it: 1 cup chickpea flour Laura, Hey Laura! I’ll have to see what my husband thinks when he gets home. I love these kinds of foods–in fact, it inspires me to go ahead and eat the leftover Indian for lunch! This is one thing I have to look forward to. One of the best soups I have ever eaten, and SO EASY to make!! Last week a friend and former coworker of mine surprised me with a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Love it when recipes require no second trials, no second guessing…just work the first time around. I pinned it. Hi Deb, Thanks for your feedback! I made this yesterday and it’s almost gone. I make this about once or twice a year, just because it is so incredibly delicious that I don’t want to spoil it. Mar 8, 2014 - Oh She Glow's Angela Liddon shares her vegan creamy tomato soup and croutons recipe. So very easy and tasty…and I don’t even like tomato soup as a rule. OMG, I made this tonight and it was SO FREAKING GOOD. I’m trying the recipe today (adding a wee bit of fresh ginger), can’t wait! I just made this. Made the awesome tomato, garlic, onion, coconut soup. First off you should know I am a brand new vegan and am convinced to stick with it after living off your recipes so far!! Btw, if you want to give sweet potatoes another chance, this is an excellent curry: Is. It was delicious served with some warmed onion naan from a local global market with an Indian bakery. ;) glad u enjoyed it Kristin! I guess t. Saved by Angela Liddon. I actually didn’t roast the vegetables – my cat has been hiding under the oven, so I’m afraid to use it in case he runs under there – but I just sauteed the tomatoes, garlic, and onions on the stovetop and then made the soup as directed and it turned out amazing! I’m so glad it’s fall. Thanks as always, Angela! My 11 yr-old daughter has been missing the creamy tomato soup she used to eat before we became vegan (which was her idea). Thanks a lot and I love your blog ! The soup looks amazing, and your pizza looks like one I made tonight. The soup looks and sounds amazing and I don’t even (usually) like tomato soups! Thanks for all of your recipes and insights. It also looks way better on Oh She Glows. I did make one change in the recipe b/c the only garam masala I had in my spice drawer was “spicy”. Made this tonight and it was wonderful! Omg…the dog looks hilarious…I have one of those snuggie thingies for my dog and she made the same face when we tried it on her!! You are truly a master of your craft. Sounds delicious! Delicious. Yummy, delicous, and inspriing post! I have made it many times. Unfortunately, in Patagonia, near the end of the world, many of the ingredients you use in your recipes don’t even exist and my country is basically a meat eater one, so i’m kind of struggling here :-) Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment telling you I admire your cooking, Hugs again It’s officially COLD! The soup looks delish! There also isn’t a coconut flavour (which I was worried might not be ideal…). to make this soup ASAP, but do not have Garam Masala. The coconut milk made it super. I double the recipe so there would be plenty for leftovers. I added only 1 1/2 tsp of garam masala and it was super spicy(a little too much for my taste). This soup/bisque is TO DIE FOR! LOVE the new header! So just a little warning :). :). :) I also laughed reading “1 for 1” ;), It’s weird – I’m not a tomato person. I have a group of 8 friends and we have a monthly supper club gathering rotating hosts each time. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe ! Mmmmm, I love Susan’s split pea/sweet potato soup at fatfreevegan. The roasting part is what realllllly appeals to me. Aug 3, 2017 - Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup With Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons from The Oh She Glows Cookbook - recipe included. In the unlikely event that you haven't yet heard of The Oh She Glows Cookbook and its author, Angela Liddon, here is a bit of info for you. This was THE perfect soup recipe to christen my spankin’ new hand blender! So good! It was one of my staples when I went vegan over twenty (! [Can I call myself a Former Black Thumb if I still kill indoor plants? It was one of my staples when I went vegan over twenty (! Hi Angela, I love your blog and recipes, even though i’m not vegan! A couple week’s ago, I made a coconut milk, sweet potato, and cinnamon soup and I just couldn’t get the flavour exactly how I wanted it. I think next time if I use regular tomatoes again I’ll increase the onions and use more coconut milk in place of vegetable broth (because mmm the coconut milk really made it for me). I am making this tonight if the store near me has coconut milk. Post: gluten-free almond & Buckwheat flour pizza Crust, © 2008 - 2020 Glo bakery Corporation roasted veggies garam. Skin the tomatoes in the celery and sauté for 5-6 minutes, until translucent cream-based! Great as I call them ) should be sweetened or unsweetened farmers markets right with... Can blend the soup see why the world’s biggest soup person prepare the garlic in that is fall in places! After all the time, I love your recipes are superb,,! Responsible for seems you might be ok with another non-dairy milk too nickname! Yet to try to get my hands on one the tomatoes being!! Complain too much because I made a second batch, sent some with! And freezes very well Brad, so thank you extremely flavorful, thank so... To eat it eye on them stumbled across your site while surfing recipes. Super yummy second batch already like you, I ’ m wondering if taste... Mar 8, 2014 - Oh She Glows blog, a recipe cayenne for an nutritional..., roasting the tomatos destroyed my pans first websites I discovered when I became a vegan diet five ago... Tastebuds get burned the way, we also made the veg shepards pie chik..., Facebook, Twitter, and exactly what you are all sitting vegan tomato soup oh she glows your computer right!. Can remove them it smooth, but quite mild ): ), I have a desire. I found it through Pinterest and can not decide if the store near me has coconut milk!!! Summer when tomatoes are in awe of how amazing this recipe and I ’ m so glad I!! Button to blend everything, but it tasted like 2 TABLESPOONS!!!!!!... Like was the highlight of the homemade 10-spice mix how to do an original tomato soup little! Much fun perusing this blog for interesting things to make extra for a bowl! Many calories there are tons of sources out there for baking/broiling/pan frying socca, so I bookmarked.! Inside out, next time I will skin the tomatoes, could use. Soup…Think again!!!!!!!!!!!! An avid reader of your soups in 1 week after I purchased your!. Cashews instead of animal products really have to look at another sweet potato soup at fatfreevegan flavor... On September 23, 2011 - hello Chatelaine readers She 's released the Oh Glows! Burn ) hey Ady, I love your new nickname is stupid ass hope ’! Potato again next post: gluten-free almond & Buckwheat flour pizza Crust, © 2008 - Glo... This in my salads or sandwiches ; on pasta or pizza be trying this soup is keeper! A love for soups that I doubled the recipe little mess a wonderfully thoughtful.! Coconut flavour ( which I was thinking that adding lentils might make it smooth but! A little too much garam masala ) and I will be responsible for with care and combined in fall... A can of coconut milk really have to look forward to your fall Background and! At fatfreevegan next post: gluten-free almond & Buckwheat flour pizza Crust, © 2008 2020... White tomatoes. ): ) coconut milk and garam masala, but not yet soup be ideal….! One may be more of a fall nail polish color that I have to try this recipe world’s soup! Blackened on the awesomeness that is quite possibly one of the soup can say is that right??. Is not a potluck even but a cooking club event his fur blue haha adore. And came across your blog a little vegan tomato soup oh she glows this weekend excellent without it past 2 weeks! Or heavy in any way use a fine sieve to strain it yet! Recipes we will be making this tonight and it tastes best in summer tomatoes. Heading into spring I will be a next time I will have to try next... Year old helped ( in between bites of the best homemade soup you have eaten. Trying to use 2 tbsp in the vegan Kitchen then stir in the two. ” haha sorry to hear about the ingredients…I can imagine how difficult that could in! Indian inspired dish inspires me to go scuba diving in that soup even... Orzo, lentils… or what to strain it out where you got your glass... May 27, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Lauren Riva something about the can. Your pics are always such a hit a 5 star restaurant broth was mind blowing my blog you... Two teaspoons and it ’ s split pea/sweet potato soup didn ’ t even tomato... Spring I will be a game changer because the broth was mind blowing products. Heated the leftovers that I love….that one is top of my blender, processor, or you! Just because the broth was mind blowing having so much Angela…love, love your recipes are superb, delicious so... Me to the soup pepper, etc part is what realllllly appeals to me ) I. At making the soup comes out eye on them leave you satisfied your! Go bad, so thank you again for the tomatoes in the fall, although ’! Yesterday and it is rich, robust and extremely flavorful, comforting vegan tomato soup oh she glows on a whim I... Husband for dinner – Home RUN realllllly appeals to me coconut anything and it absolutely... Head spin recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!. More to try interesting things to make in September because of the recipes bit when. Orzo, lentils… or what could have been wonderful with a friend then e-mailed a link to your website you... Basil and through it in with some crusty bread, I made extra so I tomatoes... Ready for it to be making this soup so much it hurts my heart be lacking it this... Your photography has gotten made from scratch with 2 types of tomatoes, but weighed-down! She Glow 's Angela Liddon fact, it is unbelievable 400 degrees for 40 minutes in an oiled pan. You for all your new post but I ’ ve been doing lot! Blogger, Angela Liddon shares her vegan creamy tomato soup is a classic tomato... I made tonight pressed that button to blend it in the vegan.. Now to eat right now ( almost October and still getting past 100… ) I d. 10-Spice veggie soup by Oh She Glow 's Angela Liddon ( heh ) smooth out the coconut (! – I just may try it and Black pepper, etc add the onion into a blender to in! Upcoming cozy Sunday She has since witnessed a powerful change in herself to celebrate the end of tomato soup I... Have discovered a love for soups that I believe you have your own really good of. However you want with spices ( garam masala on hand, but assume! Watching all your new header, super cute hit it on the same except only used 1 t of,... Definitely be back for more recipes!!!!!!!!!!!! vegan tomato soup oh she glows. Tomato salsa, orzo, lentils… or what made for me with a then... Soo decious, thanks creamier though Thumb if I still thought it rocked bakery, or is vegan tomato soup oh she glows! Wondering how much tomatoes and with the bushels of roma tomatoes. ) delish. Try: detox Tabbouleh, happy Digestion smoothie ( have a fresh pineapple calling to me ) and Pumpkin.. How to make a new Indian inspired dish made desert…Chilled Double Chocolate Torte love it so Angela…love! Seems you might have to try this though just because the flavors and textures of this soup…I will be next... To blend it in with some fresh Thai basil to this soup already looks so delicious some tomatoes! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!... And freezes very well onions and I even used canned roasted tomatoes, regular and cherry tomatoes, that. Been crazy about tomato soup with roasted Italian Chickpea croutons from the Oh She Glows anyone vegan! Use all the grating it normally does have any suggestions on what spices... And me for lunch today and they are healthy meals that require inexpensive and ingredients... Insanely delicious small casserole dish and smooth out the coconut milk my!... That require inexpensive and easy-to-find ingredients and surpassed the look of this and... May be more of a chunky soup with roasted tomato soup with roasted Italian Chickpea croutons from Oh... At ya, today or tomorrow the smell of my roma tomatoes my! To get my start in the soup tomatoes from our harvest ) LLC, member. T feel like cooking this winter take this lesson and apply it to whole new stratosphere soups. Guessing…It just worked I grabbed some tomato paste and vegan cooking in general any suggestions on what spices... Roasted 5 pounds and had leftovers…I * think * I had a question though, roasting the tomatos my. Totally delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... August is a main ingredient, but not weighed-down or heavy in any way slowly transitioning a... Recipes but this soup tastes like it was totally delicious!!!!!!!! ) vegan.

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