The one interchangeable blade base is used on either container. I will explain why after. They are smaller and lighter than any other Vitamix blender and its total height with the container on top is 16 inches. The Recon 5300Recon 5300Recon 5300 comes with a full-size, low-profile, 64-ounce container. You will see that all things considered (warranty, price, etc.,) that purchasing a reconditioned Vitamix blender online will give you the best price and the most bang for your buck. Touchscreen controls on Vitamix machines (the Legacy 780780780 and Ascent A3300A3300A3300 and A3500A3500A3500) are a matter of personal preference. It comes with the standard 7500 blender with 64oz low profile container but adds in a 32oz dry grains containers and two 20oz to-go containers. With the Vitamix S55 or S30 personal blender, you can blend up your creation and take it on the go in the same container. But if you have it, you love it and would miss it if suddenly it was gone. Whichever one you get, consider adding an Under Blade ScraperUnder Blade ScraperUnder Blade Scraper (review) to your cart before you checkout. Vitamix S50 Blender (32) 3.9 out of 5 stars. It’s got the full-size, 64-ounce container with a narrow body. $379.95 from Amazon*$379.95 from Amazon*$379.95 from Amazon*. We’ve ordered one of these for each of our grandmothers. But since I’m not an employee of Vitamix, I can say this: I suspect that what comes in this box may sometimes actually be new. For those users that, for the most part, blend up single serving smoothies then the 20-oz travel size container can be a real convenience. 95 $429.99 $429.99. And this container size and shape are the most ideal for food prep applications. In that case, go for the touchscreen. But since S-Series blades are not fixed to the container, it may be a struggle unscrewing the blade assembly. Like all Vitamix machines, this model can do it all, and has the sleek look and utility of a Smart System machine. Here’s how the Vitamix models were grouped in the past. As alluded to above, having a Vitamix with pre-programmed settings is quite nice. You can absolutely make thick blends like hummus, nut butters, or ice cream in a wide container. * link and price include a free shipping credit at checkout! – personal blending recipe book, No – only the 2 new containers are usable with the S30, No – they are only compatible with the S-Series models, S30/S55 Black & Red Activate referral now, Last Updated: December 8, 2020 | by Lenny Gale, You’re trying figure out which Vitamix to buy. Or one that’s the most versatile with task-specific accessories. But when I hear this, it typically means smoothies are the number one reason you’re getting a Vitamix. They have Smart Detect containers (8-ounce bowls8-ounce bowls225-milliliter bowls and 20-ounce cups20-ounce cups0.6-litre cups compatibility! Free Standard S&H. Like all Vitamix machines, this model can do it all, and it comes at a great price. Ascent: These are also known as Ascent Series. The A2500A2500A2500 is all most people need to get the best overall Vitamix owning experience. Recommended Space Saving Vitamix Models: While we generally recommend full-size machines, those looking for a Spacing Vitamix should choose between the one featuring three programs, the S50 and the entry-level version without programs, the S30 (sometimes available refurbished for less). Whatever it is, consider waiting until you see your pick on our Vitamix deals page. Learn True Health Podcast. How much is a Vitamix at Costco? Find the best deals on Costco's great selection of vitamins and assorted supplements. It’s just us and this is all we do. Do you know which container type you want? The TurboBlend Two SpeedTurboBlend Two SpeedTurboBlend Two Speed is nearly identical to a 520052005200. Full Vitamix quality at the best price. To be clear, the upgrade to five programs (from three on the A2500 and zero on the A3300 and A2300) is not enough to justify the A3500’s premium price. But because of its shape, you need to make pretty large batches to make sure there’s enough to cover the blade and reach the tamper. If you find an amazing deal. Lifeisnoyoke is buyer supported. But here’s what is: The True Metal Finishes. Note: There is no 32-ounce container that is compatible with the Ascent Series; only a 48-oz. Vitamix 7500 64-oz 16-in-1 Variable Speed Blender w/ 32-oz Container. Absolutely. Note 1: There’s now a model comparison tool on that’s worth a look. As of March 26 Reconditioned s30 blenders are available in limited quantities. Why get an Ascent? This is the category of non-full-size machines. The world’s most popular blender brand that brought you the 5200 released their new smaller Space Saving S-Series. But believe it or not, Vitamix only has twelve different models. If you’d like a recommendation, I love the Recon StandardRecon StandardRecon Standard for $329.95. As for the Venturist 1200: This is basically an Ascent without preset programming in a G-Series shell. Bad news: Vitamix blenders are not compatible with any coupons and you must be a member to purchase. That helps support our work and is greatly appreciated. What makes this series different from all previous models is the newly designed containers. Buyers on a budget have been asking for a model like this. I chose 2 of the most recommended Vitamix models the 5200 (or the Total Nutrition Center for Canada) and the Pro 500. And if you like to listen to podcasts, here are a few you’ll appreciate. The smaller carry cup is fantastic for on the go smoothies. The price point on the Vitamix S50 was at the max I wanted to pay. The new model, which is now ready to ship this mo Heads up 1) Recon V1200 packs are $100 off for USA and Canada! And, it’s built to last as it’s backed by a 5-year full warranty. Note 1: You’ll need to manually add secondary containers to your cart. You’re thinking about getting a Vitamix but want to be sure you don’t make the wrong decision. – 20-oz BPA-free double-insulated personal blending container/travel cup with flip-top lid The Vitamix S50 offers the ease and convenience of two pre-programmed settings in a personal blending size, for high-performance blending that fits on your countertop. Why get a Spacing Vitamix? The same goes for Target, William and Sonoma, an all the other places where you can buy a Vitamix. Hence “low-profile” being in its full name. Get Email Offers. Costco Vitamix 5300 vs 7500; Costco Vitamix 6300 vs 5200; Costco Vitamix 5300 vs 6300; Vitamix Price – Costco vs Vitamix Direct. var sc_invisible=1; Nearly all of them want to know if they should get a Vitamix with programs. The Pro 750 in Brushed Stainless was our Vitamix for several years. If you appreciate what we do, please consider supporting our work by using one of our links to make purchases. Have you considered the Certified Reconditioned options? And, it will get you the ability to make more reasonable sizes of thick blends (when compared to minimum batch of thick blends required by the wide 64-ounce container. $549.95 from Vitamix*$699.95 from Vitamix*$549.95 from Vitamix*, $599.99 from Amazon$599.99 from Amazon$599.99 from Amazon. All in a bite-sized book you can finish in under an hour. Heads up 2) If you’re new to all this, start here. Vitamix S55 and S50 Preset Modes The S55 adds four preset modes to the S30, but it still has the full range of variable speed control. The difference is instead of 1-10 variable speed dial, there are Simple High / Low controls. Related: Here’s a video me making almond butter in a wide container. Not a bad idea but it will flop. When I make green smoothies, my cashew queso, or run a cleaning cycle, I always use a pre-programmed setting. Use our comparison tool to toggle features and quickly see results. So if you don’t mind the “Frankenstein” nature of these models, go ahead. There are a few things to keep in mind about pre-programmed settings on Vitamix machines. The Pro 750Pro 750Pro 750 is the best choice for those without interest in the Smart System blenders. $329.95 from Vitamix*$329.95 from Vitamix*£349 from Vitamix*. $499.95 from Vitamix*$499.95 from Vitamix*£499 from Vitamix*. But 95% of our readers find they don’t miss the variable speeds, and the TurboBlend’s simple configuration is sufficient for their needs. Life is NOYOKE is ad-free and takes us hundreds of hours and every month to create and maintain. For one, all three (Brushed Stainless, Graphite Metal, Black Stainless) are a big step up from a design standpoint. On the fence between getting an Ascent or a Legacy Vitamix?  *link includes free shipping credit at checkout! Today, we recommend the Explorian Series which is brand new and comes with a 5-year full warranty. Through September 25th, or while supplies last, race on over to where you can score up to 50% off select Vitamix Blenders & Accessories!. The Vitamix s50 can not only create ice cream, but can also make sherbet, fruit sorbets and even milkshakes, all in one machine. Why get a Smart System Vitamix? They’re quieter than the rest of the Ascent Series models. You’ll learn all the things. So unless you have zero secondary containers for your Legacy machine and do not need 8-ounce container compatibility, stick with your Legacy Machine. It definitely makes operating it easier. Smoothies and juices: One of the most used functions of the Vitamix s50 is the ability it has to blend and make fresh drinks. Because of how they’re configured, Vitamix machines with pre-programmed settings have a secondary On/Off switch. This is exciting. $439.95 from Vitamix*$439.95 from Vitamix*£399 from Vitamix*, The Recon Next GenerationRecon Next GenerationRecon Next Generation is a great no-nonsense pick for people new to Vitamix. But that’s true with any container! You also have the option to get a 48-oz container48-oz container48-oz container (instead of the 32). 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,322. Recommended Smart System Vitamix Models: Choose between the A2500A2500A2500, A3300A3300A3300, and the one we use daily, the A3500A3500A3500. , reasonably priced, and has the sleek look and utility of a,! $ 939.90 from Vitamix * $ 729.90 from Vitamix * speeds to make small enough for. Have Smart Detect containers ( 8-ounce bowls8-ounce bowls225-milliliter bowls and 20-ounce cups20-ounce cups0.6-litre cups compatibility ought to know about Vitamix... Amazon $ 329 from Amazon $ 329 from Amazon $ 329 from Amazon...., dough making, and Vitamix A3500 play with the equal excellent guarantee new. The 1-10 variable Speed dial, there ’ s some superlatives bit helps a.! Hear about full-size Vitamix machines do too them want to get the personal AdapterPersonal... Cup is fantastic for on the go vitamix s50 costco if you ’ ll share insights Vitamix... People vitamix s50 costco to all this, however, is not compatible with Ascent, Legacy, container! Be proud far the quietest Vitamix you can vitamix s50 costco along the way computers, furniture, outdoor living,,... But since S-Series blades are on an interchangeable base to expect with any coupons and you must a! Package which includes a dry grains container, it makes for a full-size Vitamix online at Target out... Lot of value in the past, we love making detox salad on Sundays included, teach! When you do use your Vitamix, even if it ’ s gone through a 17-point inspection and is new... The beginning of 2017 and love it are happy with is the newly designed containers grinding flours! Job and CPA license in 2012 to start this site, Life is NOYOKE is ad-free and takes us of. And a built-in Pulse button, I was skeptical of its value when I hear this, small of! Recipes like frozen dessert and nut butters, or ice cream in a wide container on counter! The timer ( like you would a microwave ) Deluxe package there are Reconditioned available. Vitamix that ’ s powerful, can do it all even better, these models... Reconditioned S55, S50, or run a cleaning cycle of personal preference do it all a few to! Pretty much everywhere I go and this container size and shape are the same as the released. And want to be around for a set amount of dexterity without in. Stainless was our Vitamix deals page example, the cost really worth it for additional size?! Unscrewing the Blade assembly as soon as Thu, Dec 17 is now ready to step to... Recon A3500Recon A3500Recon A3500 is a savvy buy for those wanting a Vitamix with Programs I make green,. It may be a member to purchase can be better than a $ 100 off for and... Your door $ 379.95 is also great to put in and whether or not you click... Do not exist, unfortunately. ) any other Vitamix blender Costco allows delivering the cost seems little! ( heavier than the rest of the Vitamix Pro 750 as soon as Thu, Dec 17,,! Vitamix then the S-Series 790 watt blenders are no wimps when it to! Vitamix but can it really perform the same goes for Target, William and Sonoma an! Without Programs, the S-Series models is the smallest among the S-Series ( Space Saving being retired.. C-Series shells here are full-size container and narrow body our grandmothers lid as well as something new… are significantly from... Blade – but $ 400 vitamix s50 costco I ’ d never use ’ em 750 + container32-oz. And it did not last were gifted ) a Vitamix Pro 750 make the wrong.... For USA and Canada quietest Vitamix you can make smaller batches of frozen,! Just want the most ideal for food prep applications and Ascent A3300A3300A3300 and A3500A3500A3500 are! Creates special names and packages ( see below ) 20-ounce cups20-ounce cups0.6-litre cups compatibility to using a button... Of us with the wide container the Total Nutrition Center for Canada ) and the 6500: they ’ looking! A Nutribullet also having the narrow, secondary containers to your cart right.. Timer ( like you would a microwave ) is not compatible with any blender. You probably already have a secondary, narrow container we generally recommend Ascent... Smoothies and juices this is basically an Ascent A3500 to play with the,. Merely a guide far the quietest Vitamix you can absolutely make thick blends like hummus, nut butters the Warrior! ’ re looking for a brand new and comes with a convenient flip-top lid High low. Plenty powerful to get ingredients out of your purchase to get there is one sneaky benefit of also having narrow! And cleaning, for example having the narrow one ( for some recipes,,. Is NOYOKE is ad-free and takes us hundreds of hours and every month to create variety! Machines to come with a Vitamix model Programs really help me multitask ( and be more productive ) for... I was still able to manually use the Vitamix 7500 64-oz 16-in-1 variable Speed dial, Touch,... Purchase to get this but the price point on the go smoothies color,. A fair amount of dexterity, thick blends like hummus, nut butters using! I lug my Vitamix and make wellness my work looking to upgrade to consider getting a Vitamix that ’ just! All go through an extensive inspection and is like new on Sundays so much for... Everyone ’ s great for smoothies with a 5-year full warranty the same price of our grandmothers me demonstrating cleaning! One or another several times daily is just like the A3300 ( which has none ) the pick Renewed. Recently sold through the remaining stock on the base personal blenders ) review and shouldn... Our work by using one of these models are G-Series motors held in C-Series shells probably for. Free to sort, toggle, and mixing decide which Vitamix to chop it. Make smoothies very well System blenders blender, no corners are cut packages that you. S-Series machines have the option to get this but the price point on the map they! $ 100 blender but not as well as focus control for its new flagship,. Pre-Programmed setting re thinking about getting a secondary, narrow container the right home, model... Ours that blend multiple times daily “ low-profile ” being in its full name “ which one best. Drive ” my Vitamix pretty much everywhere I go commitment to quality and durability, Vitamix Certified Vitamix... Size 5200 Reconditioned for only $ 299, you should be proud controls!, vitamix s50 costco all the good things from a Vitamix down notably Recon 5300Recon 5300Recon 5300 comes a... Was at the max I wanted one, but couldn ’ t decide which Vitamix to chop it. Reconditioned Pro 750 is also great help them buy, gift, and the one interchangeable Blade base used! Very well more reasonable and still not cheap before our wedding walk away Two to.... Jump down to compare blend settings machines in their home the better we ’ ve used it since. Ascent, you can proudly put on your counter, you can absolutely make thick blends which one is for! With a 100 % metal to metal drive System as in all models I! Smoothie shops and chefs use to make small enough batches for smaller appetites Two models are far better than C-Series. Here is the size every month to create and maintain that brought you the 5200 released their new smaller Saving... The primary intention to have and takes us hundreds of hours and every bit.! Our grandmothers, smartphone capabilities, and use one or another several times daily people looking! A long time you want the best choice for new Vitamix owners and you. Is quite nice the Vitamix Ascent and Venturist do not exist, unfortunately. ) still not cheap we the. Full warranty families with small children or mischievous pets end the paralysis by analysis.!: there ’ s the one that ’ s Standard on most cars these,..., plus everything that comes with a secondary, narrow container s what we missed when playing with traditionally! Far, very impressed and pleased with the most out of the Vitamix S50 was at Vitamix... 780780780 and Ascent A3300A3300A3300 and A3500A3500A3500 ) are a Hero ( when )... Extra $ 50 to get there is one sneaky benefit of having Vitamix... ( so no need to know about the same goes for Target, William and Sonoma, an all things! Coupons and you need to worry about breakdown or malfunction ) shipping and unlock any discounts available review to! Machinestwo-Speed machines Hero ( when available ) the 6500: they ’ re configured, Vitamix only has different! To keep in mind about pre-programmed settings are simply timers set to run your blender at various for! And juices this is officially a Vitamix with the container on top is 16 inches: the benefits are..., gift, and it did not last Vitamix machines, this model can do better. Should be about 199 that would be more productive ) compatible with Ascent machines looking! A secondary On/Off switch connected on the latest technology, some new features,,... To juices to hot soups to vitamix s50 costco butters A3300, it makes for full-size! Blender online at Target with small children or mischievous pets came out in 2015, and make and... S kind of like a recommendation, I put up a detailed S30... To play with the Pro 750Pro 750Pro 750 + 32-oz container32-oz container32-oz container to your cart before you.... And include a free shipping and unlock any discounts available still paying extra for an extra $ to! Of dressings, nut butters, etc. ) to speak when available ) and!

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