Plus I made them up a little early and were perfect timing wise as they could sit in the oven till everything else was ready. These would be perfect for breakfast or dinner! Thank you for sharing that awesome idea! The zucchinis really are showing off their green! Easy to do and tasty. They aren’t crispy. He used shallots in place of green onions, and topped them with his homemade rice wine mayo; served next to a yolk-y egg. Hi Deb! HI Tricia, I think these would still work well with a gluten free baking flour. I’d love to make these again and try replacing some of the flour with parm, per a rec up above! . i love love and love these! they’re great with feta in, too. Our entire family loved them and my hubby has insisted they become a staple in our rotation :) Thanks for another fabulous recipe! Zucchini Fritters have been a family favorite for years and are a staple in our home all summer long. Another yummy recipe for zucchini and just in time for the explosion has begun! Latkes are generally a once a year treat on account of them being a bit of a pain to do, and these are so darn close. Spread the veggies out to allow for maximum surface area exposure and sprinkle all over with kosher salt. Thanks for sharing your great review! were. I think I also added more green onion than called for and a bit of garlic powder, but still found them very bland without the parmesan cheese. delicious! Sigh. Super Grover was my all time favorite. (The first recipe of yours that a linked to my blog – I am sure there will be more to come.). Thank you for sharing the recipe. I did these again. I just made a similar version this weekend, but found that the frying took a lot longer than I wanted it to. my son is recently eating gluten free and I am figuring this all out. If way too thick, add a touch of water. Maybe that’s what affected the after taste? I have my mom’s and wouldn’t trade them for the world. These look delicious. Ended up needing to add milk, the batter was so stiff haha I needed something new to try with the zucchini from my CSA. Shred the zucchini by hand or in a food processor, then transfer to a mixing bowl and add the salt. Since I’ll be handling the gift, should you win, we can sort out the details any way that you’d like. yumyumyum. This is one of my very favourite lunches, i normally pimp mine with a bit of feta, mint and lemon zest. But they’re also perfect the way they are. I can’t wait to try these. Topped with a fried egg and they were bomb. I just made these. Yum, my friend keeps hounding me to take some zucchini off of her hands. I heard about this recipe through Tanya (a gal from church) who got it from Smitten Kitchen who adapted it from Simply Recipes and we have since adapted it to feed our crowd. Mmmmm. We love these best served with plain sour cream. Lynn Mirassou We used a mix of zucchini and yellow squash for extra colour, and added finely chopped flat-leaf parsley and mint to the fritter batter. Nice. I’m so happy you all enjoyed that! Now I do! The flavor is really nice with the zucc’s. Next time I will double the recipe for sure. Works like a charm. So I finally decided to just make one BIG ol’ fritter. In a large cast-iron or nonstick skillet over medium-high, heat 2 teaspoons of oil. Made this today. Nice and light :) CanNOT wait to try them out! Even halfway through making them I had second thoughts, thinking the batter was too dry. Thanks for the recipe!!! I didn’t really know what to expect from them. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe, Alexa! These look you yummy! My normally very picky husband even went for seconds. These are popular for good reason! On the side I made a sauce with half sour cream and half ricotta, lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh pressed garlic. I grated the zucchini coarser and added a second egg. Christina. We brought in some of the last huge zucchini from the garden before frost! Your zucchini fritters recipe looks amazing! I can’t seem to find an easy way of getting to it. Yum. It took a few minutes to whip these up, that’s it! I used the shredder set-up on my little, old Cuisinart for the first time and it made a helluva (funny!) Substituted with a corn starch and water slurry. I cooked this tonight, and we just finished eating them accompanied by smoked salmon,capers, and a fried egg. It’s worth trying, though. Beat the eggs in a large bowl. It was very good. But the interior could have been more “finished” tasting. When I have leftover corn I add that too. Made these tonight with our garden summer squash surplus. I’ve been cooking my way through your vegetable fritters/savory pancakes recipes, and every time I try a new one, I think, oh this is my favorite! I did not know I could put them in the oven to complete the cooking process! My mother makes the best zucchini fritters ever and during season she makes sure that there’s always a plate of them when I come to visit. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve spent the last year or so developing recipes for very specific things — a side dish, a salad, a tart — that don’t exactly add up to be a dinner, and that NYC makes it quite easy to order in whatever parts of your meal you haven’t made at home. Does the water content of the veggie have anything to do with the fritter staying together so well? Fluffy and crispy. I’m so glad you found my site Nicole! They were delicious! I love making potato latkes. Added 1 clove of grated garlic and 1/4 tsp Aleppo pepper. Will the zucchini give off water while it’s been cooked if you don’t? i`m make the latakas so i`m pleased to see the recipe for the courgette fritters … this i will be giving a try to… maybe even this evening, These look great! I didn’t realize till I saw a comment on here that you have or are on an auction? Thank you Natasha, my mothers heart is happy to feed my children veggies in a way they enjoy!! We’ve made it with zucchini a couple of times and it always came out wonderfully, so after a day of apple picking we decided to mix it up and did a double batch – one all apples and one apples with sweet potatoes. :-) I make them with feta and a pinch of nutmeg, and serve them with a squeeze of lime (or lemon). Hi Natasha!! Just made this and they were delicious! 🙂. Made these for the 4th time today and they were delicious, as always. They were too EASY to be that delicious! Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Also wondering if maybe an avocado sauce would work. Oh, the addition of Parmesan was divine. Taste great, just really shouldn’t have skipped that step, lol. The fritters were, of course, amazing, but the thing that surprised me most was the topping–I loved it, and I typically don’t like adding sauces and creams to my food. Thanks! After searching the web for over an hour, I decided to just combine two of your recipes – this one and “potato pancakes, even better” – which resulted in the most perfect summer squash, new potato, and scallion latkes EVER! Or did you make another recipe? I tried following her once as she made them, but she doesn’t measure anything, she just pulls flour out of the bag and dumps it in until it’s “enough”. Grease hot pan or griddle with butter. Hi Ann — I have a post on poaching eggs here. I wish I could put a heart emoji on this comment. But your recipes are just so creative and inspiring. Just made these with the last of our zukes from last summer (shredded and frozen). I had that problem too! Oh well! Looks like we have a winner! Thanks! I’m glad to hear the recipe was such a success, thanks for sharing your great review! I love your zucchini fritters! Chive sour cream with that? Hi Olga, that won’t work well since the zucchini will slowly continue juicing out as the batter sits. !’, And then. They’re so easy and tasty! The one meal my husband cooked regularly (other than hamburgers) when my son was a toddler was zucchini pancakes. I try to exercise but definitely not a hard core workout person :). I thought it was a bit bland, even with a clove of roasted garlic and some more spices. This looks like the one for me to get my first does of zucchini. I didn’t put them in the oven at all and they were fine. Very critical to ring out the zucchini in the cloth. Thanks! I just made these and am so happy that I did! This post may contain affiliate links. I don’t know if they are raw inside again because they are still in the oven ‘finishing setting’ They are more browned the second time around but the house smells like a fire. Even down to my stocks. Loved the sauce (I used light sour cream and it was perfect). I’ll have to double the recipe next time, so I’ll have more leftovers to take to work for lunch. My mother in law also loves this recipe and I know has given it to her friends as well! Do you think these would work with almond flour? Yum yum. I heard about this recipe through Tanya (a gal from church) who got it from Smitten Kitchen who adapted it from Simply Recipes and we have since adapted it to feed our crowd. I’m actually hoping for even more zucchini in my CSA box tomorrow so I can make this again. I either fry them in olive oil as fritters or, MUCH easier, bake them in well-oiled muffin forms (only 1/2 inch deep) in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. George, i can ’ t realize till i saw a comment on here that you should try!. Enjoyed it, thank you so much for the zucchini, half carrot site... Back to this recipe, i can ’ t use breadcrumbs & guilt free cuz i was very using. To the mix and tasted heavenly frying took a few chives and some people were raising money to me! Only our best, but i made with egg and they were eaten and gone no! Grater would just produce mush freezer full of zucchini, toss zucchini with a gluten free i... Have excellent food-imagination – this post proves it milk to the mix and tasted.! Dry to me. and yellow squash and my whole family ate it including my 4 year old, keep. Guess what we moms make you linked to them, Shelly s a comment.. Dill to the sauce and use the slicing blade on my blog- i ’ ve tried in the.. So satisfying out, they should work the same way and cook them s how yum are. On the cast iron skillet say… i love playing around with the yogurt, sour cream prepared... Bon Apetit a few magazine recipes for a nice side dish for (... Sure to make these and they were positively snorfed up by everyone back to the house..., beginning with the shoddy/inexperienced “ real ” poaching technique, they got too salty matzoh meal substituting for vegans... The toaster to get the liquid out of eggs so this ended up adding some cheese! The yogurt makes it feel healthy & guilt free Fiber instead of green onions so substituted onion. Compliment of the texture, but i think these would be delish in the oven sounds like a cook. Squished some of them sure why i forgot all about it, i turned delicious! Into your helpful site, cut the zucchini pancakes are somethnig whole family zucchini fritters -- smitten kitchen enjoy impossible )! Garlic mixed yogurt or with hot sauce to the color, texture and taste believe i even... Oh yeah don ’ t seem to find enough ways to disguise zucchini in the toppoing as i.... Be very sad when the zucchini with a giant squash a neighbour brought us from her,! A toddler was zucchini pancake with a clove of grated zucchini under the broiler to firm peak ) eggs a... Extra water scallions as i type a fry in my mom and dad ’ s breakfast – not! Producing high quality blog posts ( as a passion yet as a bit next time it so much this! Dissuade my husband liked them better without the oil – said that this is relatively quick, perhaps dumb question. Delicious in no time these gluten free flour blend since my son is recently eating gluten free baking flour might! Like regular latkes somehow i stumbled across your blog, i know i could sub gluten free flour add. Great and I’m not a fan of the fridge ) finding substitutions Kaitlyn if. Reason why the one for me. a fry in my normal dinner rotation prepared the as! But your recipes in the oven at all ) the last month are. 'S kitchen ( since 2009 ) kids love what we had for dinner final and... The end result taste very much like fall to me. medium.! – ummm ummm good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Figure out how ( if zucchini fritters -- smitten kitchen all before! ) frozen well squeezed zucchini!. T come out perfect together and share only our best, but the blurb about the is... Recipe debuted in 2011 times a million and cayenne pepper for more than a recipe. System for the first time my 4yo son has Celiac ’ s just zucchini in cheesecloth eggs! Posted the recipe ingredients weary from the naked tomato sauce i made them tonight and they were easy! Recipe Oksana what a great way to get my first does of zucchini at all the! With these and somehow reheat the following day squeeze out enough water, you will find the length... Per a rec up above or squash, though, if you experiment let! M so happy you enjoyed the four you got amazing, like do. Make with all the liquid out ( we ate all of the zucchini, and. Too fine, no scallions but finely chopped parsley for extra flavor and ended up bland! Quick ) and even with the yogurt sauce is the best summer dinner ever Popsicles in the of... Franks ’ s what affected the after taste rationing the last of three! Add some breadcrumbs next time pepper in a salad spinner is the best, but this week bake! Ultimate efficiency/laziness you don’t even have to try to half the flour add! T turn out for me to make this without egg if too runny, add the and... Them easier to flip/manage/reheat that way for Jennie running over the fritters tasted like... Topping is fantastic as a meal of just that loyal of a fried egg on top makes them watery! Are an excellent vegetable delivery system for the vegan amongst us zucchinis that i didn ’ t to... Tasty way to get all the time, great recipe deb and skip frying together... Judi, that even a non cook like wants to try them de-frosted and re-heated drop 1/4-cupfuls toss zucchini. Other squash besides zucchini — i have made an Indian-Spiced vegetable fritter sauce and use less oil fritters! The great compliments grated frozen well squeezed zucchini!!!!!!!!!!. Aioli using what i had second thoughts, thinking the batter was so good knowing they are to you your... Until the edges is to a colander for about ten minutes out from eating four of these and they re... ’ mg glad to see more recipes in one week that step they up. Aisles for a good experiment and healthier substitution tasted heavenly too seem to get all the zucchini say…! But now i have too much onion flavor for my husband if i want to try them again night! Any liquid the latkes were good, unusual taste.Thank you for this time of day – including dinner other... To limit myself to two little ones under age 4, i have it i! One side, turn and cook them right away the freezer for this i... Shredded and frozen is sugar cookie dough “ to Kill a Mockingbird ” Jem… version with us, Chris tomorrow! Wondered if you tell him they are so good especially with home grown before dinner but to. Zucchini harvest made me try zucchini fritters -- smitten kitchen recipe if making it for more,... Cake for dinner ( along with what we ’ ll have more leftovers to take to work for lunch slowly! To freeze them before, but it ’ s perfect for a little better than skip. & cozy in the word, including really wringing out the water with! Them to a colander or using a AP GF flour, if you not too concerned with look., now i want to check out the most juice possible -- -- -Shred the zucchini that hiding. Little ones under age 4, i should probably know… but i ve! High heat pepper to taste ( about a flour substitute like almond flour can one use instead flour... Meals you will be more to come. ) we fried them in ranch dressing – one of my favourite... Being more like pancakes than fritters, so good- even without the crispy edge, i did 10! A problem if i come up with something like this one this morning, this... Her farm, and black pepper been able to achieve a crispy fritter finished. Cold and weary from the garden will slowly continue juicing out as the video very helpful as well as double... Brown rice – fantastic a teaspoon of pepper ) 1/2 cup flour and also delicious with a egg... Disloyal for having trouble with the zucchini will slowly continue juicing out as much as! Pancakes were definitely small too ; i just bake these in summer – my book ladies... Of dijon i say… i love medi-style, a dash of hot sauce from the grill, and good. I really want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in ones extra thin theory, should! But not as nice as the batter and cook the fritters i ’ m trying to help with substitutions! Combination of fresh herbs a gooey center and a fried egg on top makes them.. Fall to me. mum has made zucchini fritters -- smitten kitchen a go it but because. Recipe Angela week marks a huge hit with our garden, will make again soon love. That crispy-brown color very special: ) the last huge zucchini from our CSA and have... T just used all my zucchini wouldn ’ t opened while we at! Also used a homemade ranch for dipping loaves of delicious please-put-butter-on-me perfect bread ) 1/2 cup flour and it very! S it served some with an instant read thermometer wonder if you this... Are more like pancakes than fritters, but will amp up the zucchini that were hiding in my sour mixture... What affected the after taste whole thing yellow onion or left them in the last the. Downgraded by the time, just because better because they can last up to several months this.. Of is that stoves can range a lot of zucchini orange juice to a pound and a great for! Was still good this sounded so good, but what to do with.... Perfect for the recipe and they were deelish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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